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Friday, 2 September 2016

Webinar: Mastering Measurement in PR Communications

Mastering Measurement in PR Communications.

Hi there,

I’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar: “Mastering Measurement in PR Communications.”

Effective PR campaigns were once just about maximizing the reach and effect of your message. Today, campaigns serve a greater variety of more nuanced purposes, and digital allows us to measure impact in more sophisticated ways.

Looking at Hövding's recent 'Give a beep' initiative, Mynewsdesk will show how communicators can achieve more than they imagine, through:

  • Setting objectives
  • Using innovative solutions to solve real problems
  • Measuring results

Join an inspirational session where Edelman Deportivo, Hövding and Mynewsdesk will discuss, in-depth, the power of purpose-driven communications and the importance of measurement.

Hermes Holm, Public Affairs Manager, Edelman Deportivo
Anna-Katarina Skogh, Marketing Director, Hövding
Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing Officer, Mynewsdesk

Date: Sep 16th, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm CEST

Please click here to register!

Kind regards,
Kate Parker, Marketing Manager UK

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