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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How to benefit from Industry Monitoring

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How Industry Monitoring Can Make
Your Comms & Marketing Better

Hi susan,

As you most certainly know, you need to monitor your PR, Marketing and Comms to find out how well your messages and campaigns are working. But do you need to monitor your industry too?

If you want your company to be the go-to resource for valuable information, you need to monitor the industry. Following topics and people related to your business provides the intelligence to better place your company to gain attention, grow engagement and position yourselves as thought leaders.

To do it well, however, requires a good structure, a solid process and ongoing commitment. Download the free handbook "How to benefit from Industry Monitoring" and learn how to create a quality monitoring programme for your company, including how to:

  1. Identify the reason(s) to monitor.
  2. Determine what sources to monitor.
  3. Decide what, where and when to monitor.
  4. Set up the monitoring process.
  5. Make monitoring efficient and effective.

Download your free copy

Thanks in advance,
Kate Parker
Marketing Manager

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