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Monday, 8 May 2017

Take a free online course on the art of storytelling in PR

1-The Art of Storytelling in PR

How To Create Your Brand's Story

Hi susan,

Are you familiar with the new rules of PR? Do you know how to transform your organisation into a story-driven one?

In this free online course, we'll show you examples of businesses that are playing by the new rules of PR, pulling in an engaged audience not by paying for attention, but by earning it. How? Through fantastic content delivered at the right moment to the right person.
Let's get inspired by what other communicators are doing and learn what the art of storytelling in PR entails.

You'll learn the following on this course:

  • How to create great stories to gain attention
  • What's not storytelling?
  • Planning and putting your storytelling efforts into action
  • Defining values & understanding the landscape
  • Researching audience interests
  • Setting your storyline
  • Choosing a format
  • Building a narrative

To take part in this course, go to The Art of Storytelling in PR and sign up for free.

Keep on learning!

Kate Parker
Marketing Manager

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