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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Digital Digest: How Cafe Art channelled Kickstarter success into great PR, Zumba for zombies and Where O2 went wrong with the Rugby World Cup...

Digital Digest.

Happy Halloween! 

Ever heard of Zumba for Zombies? Read more about other peculiar Halloween campaigns in The Top of the PR Pops...
 We also want to introduce one of our superwoman customers, Orkla Foods Finland's comms manager, who manages 14 different brands all by herself (check her video out, she'll tell you how to do it)!

This and more in this week's Digital Digest,

Minni Karttunen, Media & Marketing Producer

Top of the PR Pops: October

Top of the PR Pops: October

Zumba for zombies, Tesco's terrifying Spookermarkets, Uber's Back to the Future campaign, and more...
October is a month packed full of events and we've unearthed some of the the most spooktacular campaigns from the world of PR and marketing. Check them out!

How a social enterprise made the most of their Kickstarter campaign

This social enterprise rocked their Kickstarter campaign!

A calendar made by the homeless? Interesting! After a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, a small social enterprise, Cafe Art, found themselves replying to media requests from all over the world, including Buzzfeed, NBC and more... How did they handled it?

Where O2 went wrong with the Rugby World Cup

Where O2 went wrong with the Rugby World Cup

Just after four matches England made a dramatic exit from the Rugby World Cup 2015. Whilst this was disappointing for England fans, it has also significantly impacted other key stakeholders - the sponsors. This is what it meant for O2 and other brands advertising this year - some of them succeeding better than others...

VIDEO: How A BrandNewsroom boosted Orkla Foods Finland’s SEO & comms strategy

14 different brands. One communicator. Whaaat?

How is this possible? Emma Vironmäki, Comms and CSR Manager of Orkla Foods Finland, takes care of 14 different food brand's communication activities. Is it even possible? Emma shares with us how she handles all that in an effective and measurable way - and staying sane at the same time! Watch the video now...

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