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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

10 Twitter Features You Aren’t Using… You Are Missing Out

And: More About Our Ebook!


Again - two things to talk about.

Let's start with our latest blog article. Twitter has a lot of features that you probably aren't using, yet. Polls, for instance, are a great way of engaging your audience. But there are a lot of other features you are missing out on: 

10 Twitter Features You Aren't Using... You Are Missing Out

But now - here is more about our ebook launch. 

Yesterday I asked for feedback on why you (and most others as well) didn't buy the book - and just to let you know: You are all awesome!

We received tons of feedback!

From the sheer amount of feedback we extracted 3 main concerns:

The Cover

This came up very often - you didn't like the cover design. That's ok - I'm not a graphic designer, and right now we are not able to pay a designer for this. But, I have updated the design - and I believe it has improved a lot. Check it out!

No Table of Contents

Many of you found it hard to judge the book by its cover and description - you said you at least needed a table of contents to determine whether you would consider buying this book. 

Point taken - the table of contents is now included.


This is the tough one, isn't it :)

Some claimed that ebooks shouldn't cost as much. We disagree. Pricing should be determined based on value. This ebook is based on a course we sell as a standalone course for $80 and as the first part of The Social Media Traffic Generation Masterclass for $445. 

It has more value as a course because course participants get free access to Susanna's and my expertise. Nevertheless, it still has a lot of value as a book. If the content from this book can make your website more profitable, than you gain a lot of value. That is what pricing should be based on.

However, there were others who told us that there is a psychological above 18.99 - and we have taken that point into consideration. That is why we decided to drop the price to 14.99.

Ok, that was it - I just wanted to say again how awesome you all are! Oh, if you haven't already - check out our ebook: 

Ebook: The Social Traffic Code


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