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Friday, 6 November 2015

Bloggers: This Tool Is For You

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Hi again,

Let's face it: Blogging is hard. Writing blog posts is hard. And for those of us that didn't grow up in an English-speaking country, writing blog posts in English is hard.

One of the difficulties we all face is that professional proofreading and editing is a luxury we usually cannot afford. But I wouldn't write you this email if I didn't have a solution for you. The solution I'm talking about is Grammarly. And you can start using it for free - although the premium features are well worth it!

Grammarly is a spell checking, grammar checking and style checking tool on ecstasy - you throw your blog post in and it finds all the issues. But that's not all - Grammarly implements itself into everything you do. You can use it in Word or write directly in its online editor; you can use it as a plugin in Chrome or run its desktop apps. Grammarly also lets you choose which style to assume for your content - are you writing an informal blog post or a formal article for a high-level business magazine?

Grammarly is the only tool I know that can help you survive without a professional editor and feel good about it!

I don't just use Grammarly to fix what I'm doing wrong - I use it to train me to become a better proofreader for my content and to improve my vocabulary and language.

You can find out more about how Grammarly works for me and can work for you in my recent post on The Social Ms: 

And if you think that isn't necessary and want to get into the action right now, here is where you can find Grammarly:

I hope you like this one, let me know!

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