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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Refresh your press release skills & download "Press. Release. Rewind."

Press. Release. Rewind.

Download The Press Release Refresher
For PR Pros

We know you're a professional. We know you know your stuff. We also know you're probably pretty busy.

And that's why we've created Press, Release, Rewind: the quick press release refresher to help you learn the 
best press release practices and brush up on your existing skill set. 

Let’s face it, sometimes our press releases aren't exactly Nobel prize material - but hey, they get the job done. Right? This guide is perfect for PR pros who've been in the game for a while or people who are totally new to the industry.

From formatting to following-up, this report tells you how to create targeted pitches, proper quotations and tips on how to determine the style of your release with four different intentions...

Get back to writing razor-sharp press releases and download your report today!

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Try our beautiful service for free for 10 days. Word of warning though: blogging and posting addiction may occur!

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