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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Digital Digest: Why we love the #ManOnTheMoon, 5 SEO boosting tips & our double nomination!

Digital Digest.

Oh hey, digital pros!

We're pretty chuffed to announce that our 2015 campaign, Mynewsdesk Now, has been
nominated for two awards at this year's Spinn Awards. 

And it looks like the Christmas countdown has officially begun following John Lewis' Christmas campaign, #ManOnTheMoon. But stunning visuals and tear-jerking story aside, we reveal the 4 reasons us marketers are in love with the ad.


Minni Karttunen, Media & Marketing Producer

John Lewis Campaign

Going Beyond The TV:
John Lewis

We all have seen it, John Lewis's heartstring-tugging advert, Man on the Moon. This year their campaign has much more depth than their previous Christmas adverts, and we explain you why, from a marketer's perspective, #ManOnTheMoon is so powerful...

Mynewsdesk Nominated For Two Spinn Awards

Mynewsdesk Nominated For Two Spinn Awards!

An internet-breaking campaign, Mynewsdesk Now, has been honoured with two nominations at Spinn – Sweden’s most renowned PR awards ceremony. The campaign, which followed 82 year-old Kerstin on her first steps into the digital era, was bigger than anyone anticipated...

5 SEO Boosting #BrandNewsroom Tips

5 SEO Boosting #Brandnewsroom Tips

What's good optimisation etiquette and what's not? Back in the day, companies could rank top of the SERPS by cramming their content full of keywords and buying links from dodgy looking sites. In 2015 Google no longer wants quantity, it wants relevant, interesting and content rich sites...

FuturePRoofing PR

35 Collaborators. 3 Books. 1 Month.

Sarah Hall’s #FuturePRoof project is positioned as the biggest ever conversation about the future of public relations. Watch this conversation between influencer and project ambassador, Stephen Waddington, and project curator and editor, Sarah Hall for a little more background...

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